Independent label: Old Gold Records. Lightning Records started out as an importer and distributor of Oldies; the 'Old Gold' label was an extension of that business.  In 1978 the company began licensing records and issuing them on Old Gold.  The first two releases were numbered in the LIG-1000s. In 1978 Lightning was setting up the Golden Oldies Record Club and was issuing its 'first batch' of product.  Records in this and a subsequent batch had catalogue numbers in a different series, the LIG-9000s; the first batch had a small black 'A' on the appropriate side, which was apparently WEA practise at that time.  Later LIGs lacked the 'A'.  The new LIG-9000 series was itself changed in the summer of 1979, to OG-9000, apparently at the point when distribution of Old Gold records, which had been done by WEA until that point, was taken over by Lightning themselves. There was a minor change to the label design at the same time: the wording 'Distributed by WEA Records Ltd A Warner Communications company', which could be found from 5 o'clock to 3 o'clock on the early labels, was replaced by 'Distributed by Lightning Records Ltd'.  The design changed several times in the '80s and '90s, and at some point the 'Lightning Records' disappeared from the label.  LIG-1001 and 1002 were reissued in 1979 as LIG-9001 and 9002, 9002 getting a different 'B' side.  To complicate matters further, when the LIG-9000 series singles were reissued in 1978, they kept their old numbers, but the 'LIG' prefix was replaced by the then-standard 'OG'.  In addition, singles were regularly re-pressed, and the re-pressings were given whatever style of label was current at that time.  Thus, for example, The Troggs' 'Wild Thing' can be found as LIG-1001, LIG-9001 and OG-9001, with a variety of different labels and made by different manufacturers.  Early singles were pressed by CBS, thanks to the WEA connection; by the end of the decade Multiple Sound Pressings appear to have been doing that job.  Ten 1979 issues (9011 to 9020) were released as picture discs, under the 'Cruisin' banner, standard black vinyl versions replacing the picture ones when they sold out; there was no reference to Old Gold on the picture discs. Heinz's hit 'Just Like Eddie' (F-13762) had been reissued by Decca in a joint venture with Lightning as a one-off venture; that single appeared in a batch of six reissues all with a red label in the old-fashioned Decca style, an example of which can be found on the Decca page.  It doesn't seem impossible that the other singles in that batch, and perhaps in the two subsequent batches, had Lightning involvement.  Old Gold singles covered any number of musical styles and came out at an astonishing rate: OG-9800 was reached in 1988.  The label was still in existence well into the CD era. Distributed By WEA and  Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Troggs Wild Things OLDGOLD LIG 1001
78 Mr Bloe Groovin' With Mr Bloe OLDGOLD LIG 1002
78 Troggs Wild Things OLDGOLD LIG 9001
78 Mr Bloe Groovin' With Mr Bloe OLDGOLD LIG 9002
78 Chicory Tip Son Of My Father OLDGOLD LIG 9003
78 Python Lee Jackson In A Broken Dream OLDGOLD LIG 9004
78 Lindisfarne Meet Me On The Corner OLDGOLD LIG 9005
78 Shocking Blue Venus OLDGOLD LIG 9006
78 Boone Daniel Beautiful Sunday OLDGOLD LIG 9007
78 Ward Clifford T Gaye OLDGOLD LIG 9008
78 Shearstone Gary I Get A Kick Out Of You OLDGOLD LIG 9009
78 Flowerpot Men Let'S Go To San Francisco OLDGOLD LIG 9010
79 Montez Chris  Let'S Dance  OLDGOLD LIG 9011
79 Lester Kitty Love Letters OLDGOLD LIG 9012
79 Del Vikings Cone Go With Me OLDGOLD LIG 9013
79 Drifters Save The Last Dance For Me OLDGOLD LIG 9014
79 Teddy Bears  To Know Him Is To Love Him  OLDGOLD LIG 9015
79 Tillotson Johnny Poetry In Motion OLDGOLD LIG 9016
79 Darin Bobby Dream Lover OLDGOLD LIG 9017
79 Flowerpot Men Let'S Go To San Francisco OLD GOLD LIG 9019
79 Akens Jewel   The Birds And The Bees  OLD GOLD LIG 9020
79 Equals Baby Come Back OLD GOLD LIG 9021
79 Lopez Trini If I Had A Hammer OLD GOLD LIG 9022
90 Buddy Holly Buddy Holly  (EP) OLDGOLD OG 7701
90 Bill Haley And His Comets Bill Haley And His Comets (EP) OLDGOLD OG 7702
90 Chuck Berry Chuck Berry  (EP) OLDGOLD OG 7703
90 Bo Diddley Bo Diddley (EP) OLDGOLD OG 7704
90 Lonnie Donegan Lonnie Donegan (EP) OLDGOLD OG 7705
92 Animals House Of The Rising Sun OLDGOLD OG 8000
92 Bluebells Young At Heart OLDGOLD OG 8001
92 Animotion / Swans Way Obsession / Soul Train  OLD GOLD OG 8002
92 Curiosity Killed The Cat Down To Earth OLDGOLD OG 8003
92 Wet Wet Wet Wishing I Was Lucky OLDGOLD OG 8004
92 Lovelady Bill Reggie For  It Now OLDGOLD OG 8005
92 Climie Fisher Love Changes Everything OLDGOLD OG 8006

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