Independent label: OK Records was a subsidiary of Scottish label Klub.  The only OK single to emerge in the 1970s was the one shown above, 'Rangers Easy O.K.', by Blue Boy, which came out in April 1979 with a catalogue number of OK-791.  Subsequent OK records appeared in the 1980s and were numbered in the OK-000s.  OK-002, 'Steal A Piece Of My Heart', by 1971 Chart-toppers Middle Of The Road, was issued in 1980; the pace of releases was slow but steady, with 007 not coming out till 1984.  OK-010 arrived in 1987, and was the British Eurovision entry for that year, 'Only The Light', by Rikki.  By 1989 the numbers had reached 025.  Distribution in the '70s and early '80s was by Pye / PRT. . Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Glasgow Rangers  Rangers Easy O.K  OK OK 791

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