Independent New Wave label from Aberdeen, operating from 1978-83. Oily Records issued at least ten singles, the first of which was The Squibs' 'On The Line' (SLICK-1; 1978).  That label on the second single , 'Gotta Make Some Money Somehow' by The Tools (1979), kept the black-on-yellow colouration, but had all the credits and a vastly shrunken logo on the 'B' side and a cartoon of a sheikh's head on the 'A'.  The rest of the singles date from the 1980s; their design varied, but many of them kept the small logo.  By the time the ninth of them came out the labels had turned red and were injection moulded. Oily Records Former Address: 6 Cedar Place Aberdeen, Scotland. Distributed By Oily Records. The Squibs were an Aberdeen band started in the late 1970s by bassist Dave Baird who was their key songwriter. Their sound is mod flavored post-punk The Band Line-up was Dave Baird - Bass Jim Rankin - Saxophone Colin Garden - Organ Cliff Taylor - Vocals David Cattenach - Drums
Murray Hadden - Guitar. APB formed in the small rural town of Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland in 1979, and consisted of singer/bassist Iain Slater, guitarist Glenn Roberts, and drummer George Cheyne. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Squibs On The Line OILY SLICK 1
79 Tools Gotta Make Some Money OILY SLICK 2
81 Squibs Parades OILY SLICK 3
81 President'S Men Out In The Open OILY SLICK 4
81 President'S Men Reasion For Living OILY SLICK 5
81 Apb Chain Reaction OILY SLICK 6
81 Apb Shoot You Down OILY SLICK 7
82 Apb Palace Filled With Love OILY SLICK 8
82 Apb Rainy Day OILY SLICK 9
83 Apb One Day OILY SLICK 10

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