Independent Irish label: Ogham Records was a Dublin-based folk label. Ogham seems to have been related to Blackbird Records. The relationship was with shared management. The two labels shared the same catalogue numbers. The Makem & Clancy releases below are Blackbirds; the De Danann and Clannad releases are Oghams. Maura O'Connell releases are shared between the two. Distributed By CBS Records Ireland. 

76 Makem And Clancy The Band Played Waltzing Matilda BLACKBIRD BB 101
76 Rubbish Hey C'mere BLACKBIRD BB 102
77 Makem & Clancy  The Town of Ballybay  BLACKBIRD BB 103
78 Makem & Clancy The Dutchman  BLACKBIRD BB 104
78 Clannad  Down By The Sally Gardens  OGHAM BB 105
79 Makem And Clancy Red Is The Rose BLACKBIRD BB 106
79 Makem And Clancy Morning Glory BLACKBIRD BB 107
79 Makem & Clancy  The Garden Song  BLACKBIRD BB 108
79 Not Traced BLACKBIRD BB 109
79 Not Traced BLACKBIRD BB 110
80 Tommy Makem And Liam Clancy A Place In The Choir BLACKBIRD BB 111
80 Makem & Clancy  Ballad of St. Anne's Reel  BLACKBIRD BB 112
80 Not Traced BLACKBIRD BB 113
81 Makem & Clancy Waltzing Matilda  BLACKBIRD BB 114
81 De Danann  Maggie  OGHAM BB 115
81 Makem & Clancy  Rainbow Race  BLACKBIRD BB 116
81 De Danann  The Star Spangled Molly  OGHAM BB 117
81 Maura O'Connell Living In These Troubled Times OGHAM BB 118
81 Maura O'Connell  Saw You Running OGHAM BB 119
81 Not Traced BLACKBIRD BB 120
84 Maura O'Connell  Til The Right One Comes Along  BLACKBIRD BB 121
84 Maura O'Connell  Like In The Movies OGHAM BB 122
84 Not Traced BLACKBIRD BB 123
84 Not Traced BLACKBIRD BB 124
85 Maura O'Connell  Feet Of A Dancer  OGHAM BB 125
85 Maura O'Connell  If You Love Me  OGHAM BB 126
85 Makem & Clancy  The Tale Of Bridie Murphy And The Kamikaize Pilot  BLACKBIRD BB 127
86 Makem & Clancy  We Are the Boat  BLACKBIRD BB 128
86 Maura O'Connell  Another Morning  OGHAM BB 129

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