Independent label: Odeon Records started life in 1902, in Berlin, as the imprint of the International Talking Machine Company.  It linked up with US company Okeh, and in 1921 Okeh introduced an American version of the Odeon label.  In 1926 Odeon was sold to the Columbia Phonograph Company; five years later it became part of the Electrical and Musical Industries group.  Records made by Electrical and Musical Industries / EMI and issued on labels such as Parlophone in Britain appeared on the Odeon label all over the world, as did records made by branches of that company in other countries - EMI India, etc.   Despite being so familiar in most of the other countries in the world, the Odeon label as such only took its bow in Britain in 1978; it had made a brief appearance in 1953 as a name and a logo on the BSP-3000-series 7" Parlophone records.  It managed four singles over the course of four years, numbering them in an ODO-100 series, and added a couple more - ODO-111 and 112 - in the late '80s. . Distributed By EMI Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Midnight Follies Orchestra No Strings ODEON  ODO 101
78 Ginger Rogers  Isn'T This A Lovely Day ODEON  ODO 102
79 Young Love Ramaya ODEON  ODO 103
81 Balsara & Singing Sitars Do-Re-Mi ODEON  ODO 104
88 Anita Dobson To Know Him Is To Love Him ODEON  ODO 111
89 Ian Meeson And Belinda Gillett Who Wants To Live Forever ODEON  ODO 112
90 Toto Cutugno Insieme: 1992 ODEON  ODO 113

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