Independent American label: Ode Records was was started by Lou Adler in 1967, after he sold his 'Dunhill' label.  In Britain, selected Ode records were initially licensed to CBS - Scott McKenzie's hit, 'San Francisco', was one of them.  Early 1970 saw a switch from CBS to A&M.  Ode records were issued on A&M at first, with the 'Ode' logo added to the A&M label; from November 1972 releases appeared on the Ode label proper.  1974 saw a slight change in the logo, with the outer ring disappearing and the text becoming 'Ode Records Inc'.  When A&M changed distributors from Pye to CBS, in 1975, Ode went with it; the basic design of the remained unchanged but there were differences in the typefaces and in some of the credits.  The company seems to have used two slightly different numerical series for its singles simultaneously: ODS-66000, which was the main American one, and ODS-66300, which appears to have been for British releases.  Not everything which was released abroad was released in Britain, which accounts for the gaps in the catalogue listing below.  ODE PreFix's were all American releases. The label's star was Carole King, but its only Singles Chart placing over here came courtesy of Roger Daltrey ('I'm Free'; ODS-66302) in 1973.  The final Ode releases appear to have come out in 1976, in April 1977 Adler was checking possible buyers of the label.  That same year Ode teamed up with Epic to form the Epic-Ode label; whether CBS licensed or bought the label remains to be determined.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Peggy Lipton Wear Your Love Like Heaven ODE ODE 66001
70 Dan Greer Curiosity Killed The Cat ODE ODE 66002
70 Merry Clayton Gimme Shelter / Good Girls ODE ODE 66003
70 Jumbo Not So Bad / Tell The People ODE ODE 66004
70 Children From The Very Start / Such A Fine Night ODE ODE 66005
70 Carole King Up On The Roof / Eventually ODE ODE 66006
70 Merry Clayton Country Road / Forget It, I Got It ODE ODE 66007
70 Fred Karlin Lotus Baby Rant'N Mantra Blues (From "The Baby Maker") ODE ODE 66008
70 Don Everly Tumbling Tumbleweeds ODE ODE 66009
70 Barry McGuire South Of The Border / The Old Farm  ODE ODE 66010
70 Merry Clayton Lift Ev'Ry Voice And Sing (Black National Hymn)  ODE ODE 66011
70 Mckenzie Scott Going Home Again ODE ODE 66012
70 Children Hand Of A Lady ODE ODE 66013
70 Mark Guerrero Lila, Love Me Tonight ODE ODE 66014
71 Carole King It'S Too Late / I Feel The Earth Move ODE ODE 66015
71 Beach Boys Wouldn'T It Be Nice (Recorded Live At Big Sur) ODE ODE 66016
71 Gritz Bayou Country / Kentucky Home ODE ODE 66017
71 Merry Clayton After All This Time / Steamroller ODE ODE 66018
72 Carole King So Far Away / Smackwater Jack  ODE ODE 66019
72 Merry Clayton After All This Time / Steamroller ODE ODE 66020
72 Cheech & Chong Dave ODE ODE 66021
72 Carole King Sweet Seasons / Pocket Money ODE ODE 66022
72 Jan Berry Mother Earth / Blue Moon Shuffle  ODE ODE 66023
72 Not Traced ODE ODE 66024
72 David T. Walker Hot Fun In The Summertime / I Want To Talk To You ODE ODE 66025
72 Not Traced ODE ODE 66026
72 Not Traced ODE ODE 66027
72 Not Traced ODE ODE 66028
72 Robinson Family Plan Nothing Comes Easy / You Poured Sugar On Me ODE ODE 66029
72 Merry Clayton Suspicious Minds / Oh No, Not My Baby  ODE ODE 66030
73 Carole King Been To Canaan ODE ODS  66031
73 Richie Havens With The London Symphony Orchestra Eyesight To The Blind ODE ODE 66032
73 Tufano & Giammarese Music Everywhere / Just A Dream Away ODE ODS  66033
73 Jan Blue Moon Shuffle/Don'T You Just Know It  ODE ODE 66034
73 Carole King You Light Up My Life ODE ODS  66035
73 Tufano And Giammarese Rise Up ODE ODE 66036
73 David T. Walker Press On / Brother, Brother ODE ODE 66037
73 Cheech Y Chong Basketball Jones / Don'T Bug Me ODE ODE 66038
73 Carole King Corazón ODE ODE 66039
73 The London Symphony Orchestra  Underture / I'M Free ODE ODE 66040
73 Cheech & Chong Sister Mary Elephant / Wink Dinkerson ODE ODE 66041
73 David T. Walker I Got Work To Do ODE ODE 66042
74 Tom Scott And The L.A. Express Strut Your Stuff / Sneakin' In The Back ODE ODE 66043
74 Perfectly Clear The Nixorcist  ODE ODE 66044
74 David T. Walker Didn'T I Blow Your Mind This Time ODE ODE 66045
74 Don Everly Warmin' Up The Band ODE ODS  66046
74 Not Traced ODE ODE 66047
74 Scott Tom & L A Express Jump Back ODE ODS  66048
74 Not Traced ODE ODE 66049
74 1 jan 1. Tinsel Town (Hitch-A-Ride-To-Hollywood) / Blow Up Music ODE ODE 66050
74 Carole King Jazzman ODE ODS  66101
74 Cheech & Chong Earache My Eyes ODE ODS  66102
74 Tim Curry And Original Roxy Cast (The Rocky Horror Show) Sweet Transvestite ODE ODS  66103
74 Cheech & Chong Black Lassie  ODE ODE 66104
74 Tom Scott And The L.A. Express Tom Cat ? ODE ODE 66105
75 Carole King Nightingale ODE ODS  66106
75 Gene McDaniels Lady Fair ODE ODE 66107
75 Not Traced ODE ODE 66108
75 Tom Scott And The L.A. Express Rock Island Rocket / Refried ODE ODE 66109
75 Merry Clayton Keep Your Eye´S On The Sparrow ODE ODS  66110
75 Jan & Dean Fun City  ODE ODE 66111
75 Carole King Pierre ODE ODE 66112
75 Not Traced ODE ODE 66113
75 Tufano & Giammarese Kind Of A Drag  ODE ODE 66114
75 Cheech & Chong (How I Spent My Summer Vacation)  ODE ODE 66115
75 Merry Clayton If I Lose / One More Ride ODE ODE 66116
76 Tim Curry Baby Love ODE ODS  66117
76 Tom Scott Uptown & Country ODE ODE 66118
76 Carole King Only Love Is Real / Still Here Thinking Of You ODE ODS  66119
76 Carole King High Out Of Time ODE ODS  66120
76 Tom Scott Time And Love / Dirty Old Man  ODE ODE 66121
76 Tufano* & Giammarese Times Change ODE ODE 66122
76 Carole King High Out Of Time  ODE ODE 66123
76 Cheech & Chong Framed  ODE ODE 66124
76 David T. Walker I Wish You Love / On Love ODE ODE 66125
72 Tommy Acid Queen ODE ODS  66301
72 Roger Daltrey I'M Free ODE ODS  66302
73 Richard Harris, The London Symphony Orchestra Go To The Mirror ODE ODS  66303
73 Meat Loaf Clap Your Hands Stamp Your Feet ODE ODS  66304
75 Richard O'Brien, The Rocky Horror Picture Show Science Fiction Double Feature ODE ODS  66305
70 Merry Clayton Gimme Shelter ODE AMS 802
71 Carole King I Feel The Earth Move ODE AMS 849
71 Carole King So Far Away ODE AMS 867
72 Merry Clayton After All This Time ODE AMS 886
72 Carole King Sweet Seasons / Pocket Money ODE AMS 887
77 Cheech And Chong Featuring The Bloaters Bloat On ODE S EPC 5890


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