Independent label: Oddball Productions Records seems to have been a production company rather than a record company.  Private limited company, incorporated by Bernard Rhodes on 17 July 1979 under the name Tapecraft Ltd., name change to Oddball Productions Ltd. by 1 January 1981. Nature of business "artistic creation", status "active". It issued at least five singles from 1979-81, through four different companies - Parlophone, MCA, Rough Trade and Polygram - though it kept its own separate label identity with each.  Its first release was the first record by Dexy's Midnight Runners, 'Dance Stance', which managed to tickle the Top 40.  The single was handled by Parlophone, and its catalogue number, R-6028, was borrowed from Parlophone's own numerical series.  Subsequent singles, by Vic Godard and Johnny Britton, were in a Power Pop sort of vein and were less successful.  Other Oddball labels were operative in the 1990s and the 2000s; I'm not aware of any connection with the '70s version. Oddball Productions Ltd. Former Address: 43-45 Dorst Street London W1U 7NA. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Dexy'S Midnight Runners Dance Stance ODDBALL PRODUCTIONS  R 6028
81 Vic Godard / The Subway Sect Stamp Of A Vamp  ODDBALL PRODUCTIONS  CLUB 1
81 Godard Vic & Subway Sect Stop That Girl ODDBALL PRODUCTIONS  RT 068
80 Godard Vic & Subway Sect Split Up The Money ODDBALL PRODUCTIONS  MCA 585
81 Johnny Britton On That Got Away ODDBALL PRODUCTIONS  BRIT 1

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