Independent label: Octane Records appears to have been a subsidiary of Hammer Records, which was a member of the Pye family.  It issued at least one single, Yancey's, 'Standing Waiting' (HS-302; 9/79), which is in Power Pop territory.  Octane's singles - or single? - shared a HS-300 numerical series with those of its parent company. Manufacture and distribution were by Pye.. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Mumps Rock And Roll This And That HAMMER HS 301
79 Yancey Standing Waiting OCTANE / HAMMER HS 302
79 Kitten Dreamboy POPLAR / HAMMER HS 303
80 Stevely Makepeace  Song Of Yesterday HAMMER HS 304
80 Jo-Jo Laine  Dancin' Man POPLAR / HAMMER HS 305
80 Not Issued HAMMER HS 306
80 Symbols Don't Ever Change POPLAR / HAMMER HS 307
80 Danny Owen  Kiss An Angle Goodbye HAMMER HS 308
80 B C & Black Satin Do You Wanna Dance HAMMER HS 309
80 Alleygators Nicotine HAMMER HS 310
80 Tymes Brothers And Sisters HAMMER HS 311
80 Love Typhoon Rhythm Of The Rain HAMMER HS 312
80 Bill Fredericks  Lovers Question TIME RECORDS U.S.A. INTERNATIONAL HSV 313

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