Independent Reggae label: Ocean Records was one of the Pama stable.  Ocean issued singles in the period 1970-75.   The first three singles had catalogue numbers in an OC-1000 series, and came out in 1970; NB-096 number was Intended for release on the New Beat label.  CRAB 64 was a Crab label promo issued on Ocean. UN 547 was a Unity label promo issued on Ocean. PS 340 was a Pama Supreme label promo issued on Ocean. KOO 27 was Intended for release on the Lord Koos label. From then until 1975 the label seems to have lain dormant.  When it was revived its singles had catalogue numbers in the OC-000s; not all the numbers seem to have been used.  The same basic design was used throughout Ocean's existence, though it came in several different colours. Distributed By Pama Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Sol Raye Welcome Stranger OCEAN OC 1001
70 Danny Williams Fare Ye Well Separate Ways OCEAN OC 1002
70 Pat Kelly Martin, Luther And John  OCEAN OC 1003
70 Max Romeo What A Cute Man OCEAN UN 547
71 Winston Groovy I've Got To Find A Way To Get Maria Back OCEAN CRAB 69
71 Lloyd Charmers Red Head Duck OCEAN PS 340
72 Rico War Is Not The Answer Part II OCEAN NB 096
73 Dennis Brown Little Green Apple OCEAN KOO 027
75 Brown Dennis Little Green Apples OCEAN OC 001
75 Not Traced OCEAN OC 002
75 Romeo Max  Wet Dream  OCEAN OC 003
75 Marshall Larry  Can'T You Understand  OCEAN OC 004
75 Miller Claudette  Tonight Is The Night  OCEAN OC 005
75 Patterson Carlton  Dread Locks Power  OCEAN OC 006
75 Dennis Denzil  Never Found A Girl  OCEAN OC 007
75 Not Traced OCEAN OC 008
75 Mckay Freddy  It De Hey  OCEAN OC 009

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