Independent label: Ocean Records. This was the second Ocean label to appear in the 1970 and was owned by Mervyn Conn, who was also behind the Carnaby, Nashville and Nashville International labels.  It put out a handful of singles during 1974-75; featured middle-of-the-road Pop or Country songs.  Probably the most interesting of the company's records, for collectors, was 'Spread It Around', by comedian Les Dawson (OCS-204; 1974).   Manufacture and distribution were by Pye, and catalogue numbers were in an OCS-200 series; 208 and 210 seem not to have been issued.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 J. C. Fielding Put It In A Suck OCEAN OCS 201
74 Shades Of Love I Surrender OCEAN OCS 202
74 Eranga & Prianga For You We Sing OCEAN OCS 203
74 Les Dawson Spread It Around OCEAN OCS 204
74 Bryan Taylor For The Love Of A Woman OCEAN OCS 205
74 Bryan Taylor Build Yourself A Long Long Ladder OCEAN OCS 206
74 Isaac Douglas And The Isaac Douglas Singers Bridge Over Troubled Water OCEAN OCS 207
74 Not Traced OCEAN OCS 208
74 Jimmy Payne Sweet Fantasy OCEAN OCS 209
75 Not Traced OCEAN OCS 210
75 Zella Lehr I CanīT Help Myself OCEAN OCS 211

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