Independent label: OBM Records was a subsidiary labels of Robert Kingston's RK Records.  OBM seems to have started life in 1979 and to have lasted until 1981.  It issued eight singles, including 'I Still Love Her' by Jonjo O'Neill (OBM-1007; 3/81) - presumably the famous jockey.  Most prolific artist on OBM was Kenny Johnson, with at least four singles and two albums to his name.  Distribution was by Pye Records. Kenny Johnson was born in 1939 in Liverpool, In the early 1960s he was member of Merseyside country band Sonny Webb and the Cascades, who later developed into The Hillsiders. He left The Hillsiders in 1975 to form Kenny Jonhson and Northwind, recording and performing contemporary country music songs. Now presents a country music show on BBC Radio Merseyside. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Kenny Johnson Let Me Love You Once (Album) OBM OBM 1001
79 Kenny Johnson Searching For Love OBM OBM 1002
79 Sally Townsend Love At First Night OBM OBM 1003
80 Kenny Johnson City Lights OBM OBM 1004
80 Sally Townsend Just One Look OBM OBM 1005
80 Kenny Johnson One Kiss OBM OBM 1006
81 O'Neill Jonjo I Still Love Her OBM OBM 1007
80 Kenny Johnson Tree In The Meadow OBM OBM 1008
80 Not Issued OBM OBM 1009
80 Kenny Johnson All The Kings Horses OBM OBM 1010

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