Independent label: Object Music Records was based in Manchester.  It was set up by Steve Solamar as an outlet for recordings by his band, Spherical Objects, but it went on to issue records by other artists.  It issued at twelve singles / EPs in 1978-80, and then concentrated on LP releases for the last year or so of its existence. The label itself came in several different colour schemes but only one basic design. Distributed By Object Music Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Spherical Objects The Kill OBJECT MUSIC OM 01
78 Passage New Love Songs [ Ep ] OBJECT MUSIC OM 02
78 Miro Steve Up And About OBJECT MUSIC OM 03
78 Spherical Objects Seventies Romance OBJECT MUSIC OM 04
79 Grow Up Stay Away OBJECT MUSIC OM 05
79 Alternomen Unlimited Facade OBJECT MUSIC OM 06
79 Warriors Martial Time OBJECT MUSIC OM 07
79 Passage About Time [ Ep ] OBJECT MUSIC OM 08
79 Iq Zero Everybody Kills Insects OBJECT MUSIC OM 09
79 Miro Steve &Eyes Dreams Of Desire OBJECT MUSIC OM 10
78 Miro Steve &Eyes Up And About OBJECT MUSIC OM 11
80 Grow Up Joanne OBJECT MUSIC OM 12

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