Oats Records was a DIY Irish label. Owned by Rock group Horslips, and, with its successor Horslips Records, was used as an outlet for that group's records in their native country from 1972 to at least 1979.  In Britain three singles and a couple of albums came out on the Oats label, with distribution by RCA. RCA pressed its own albums, but at that time it handed over pressing of most of its singles - including the Oats ones - to CBS.  After the release of OAT-3, Horslips signed to RCA worldwide and their records came out on the RCA label proper.  The band moved to DJM in or around 1977, but the Oats brand was not revived; many of their singles were however given a special green DJM label. Horslips are an Irish Celtic rock band that compose, arrange and perform songs frequently inspired by traditional Irish airs, jigs and reels. The group are regarded as 'founding fathers of Celtic rock' for their fusion of traditional Irish music with rock music and went on to inspire many local and international acts. They formed in 1970 and 'retired' in 1980 for an extended period. Band members Jim Lockhart (born 3 February 1948), from James's St in Dublin, He plays keyboards, pipes, whistles and flute. Eamon Carr (born 12 November 1948), is from Kells, County Meath. He is the drummer in the band. Charles O'Connor, (Born 7 September 1948) from Middlesbrough and plays concertina, mandolin, fiddle and both electric and slide guitar. He also shares the main vocal tasks with Barry Devlin and Johnny Fean. Barry Devlin (born 27 November 1946), from Ardboe in County Tyrone, He is the band's bass player, shares vocals and its unofficial front man. Johnny Fean (born 17 November 1951) guitar, banjo, mandolin and harmonica.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Horslip High Reel OATS OAT 1
73 Horslip Dearg Doom OATS OAT 2
74 Horslip More Than You Can Chew OATS OAT 3

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