Independent German label: Oasis Records started in the mid '70s by producers Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. It first surfaced in Britain in 1977, making an impression on the Charts with electronic-Disco-style singles by Giorgio and by the Munich Machine.  That success proved to be short-lived.  Oasis was licensed to GTO in Britain, and was thus handled by that label's distributor, CBS.  It issued just seven singles over here and didn't quite make it into the '80s, though it enjoyed a longer life in its native land.  The label design remained the same throughout, but for the last two singles the position of the credits changed.  The logo of production company Hansa appeared on all the records, suggesting a close relationship between the two concerns - Moroder had worked for Hansa since the '60s.  Moroder and Bellotte's 'Say Yes Productions' had been responsible for the birth of 'electronic Disco' music via their work with Donna Summer; in particular with the ground-breaking 'I Feel Love', which, like several other Say Yes records, was released by GTO in the U.K. Distributed By CBS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Giorgio From Here To Eternity OASIS OASIS 1
77 Munich Machine Get On The Funk Train OASIS OASIS 2
78 Roberta Kelly Zodiacs OASIS OASIS 3
78 Giorgio & Chris Love In You OASIS OASIS 4
78 Munich Machine Introducing Chris Bennett A Whiter Shade Of Pale OASIS OASIS 5
79 Giorgio Moroder If You Weren'T Afraid OASIS OASIS 6
79 Giorgio Moroder What A Night OASIS OASIS 7

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