O.H.M...S Records was a DIY label.  was owned by Punk group The Drones, from Manchester.  It issued one EP, by that group, 'Temptations Of A White Collar Worker' (GOODMIX-1; 1977) released in blue/green/purple//red and black/red fold-out sleeve, after which the Drones moved on to the Valer label. Distributed By O.H.M...S Records. The Drones were a punk rock band from Manchester. For a period of time, the band were produced and managed by Paul Morley. The Drones are  "Bonafide DIY three-chord wonders, the Drones were there at punk’s inception. Formed in Manchester in 1975, the band started out as a pub rock outfit called Rockslide and released a single called "Roller Coaster". When this failed to make an impact, they reinvented themselves as a punk rock band. The band developed a local rivalry with the emerging band the Buzzcocks, but failed to match the success of their rivals outside of their home town. The Drones then relocated to London and became one of the pioneering punk bands that performed in the first few months of the now-legendary Roxy Club. They supported The Vibrators in January 1977, headlined in February, and supported X-Ray Spex and Chelsea in March. Later that year they supported The Stranglers on a full UK tour, and appeared on two influential early punk compilation albums 'Streets' and 'Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Circus'. The Drones’ second single, 'Just Wanna Be Myself' / 'Bone Idol', was released, and on 6th December they recorded a session at Maida Vale 4 studio for John Peel. Later that month, they released their debut album on Valer Records, 'Further Temptations', produced by Simon Humphrey, and now regarded by many as a punk classic. Unfortunately, after this the band lost momentum, and the third single 'Be My Baby' / 'Lift Off The Bans' was not released because Valer went bust, and only 200 white label 12" test pressings were made - no picture sleeve. In 1996 some counterfeits emerged, alegedly from the band. The originals have 'Lets hear it for the Dronettes' scratched on the run-out grooves. A fouth single 'Can't See' / 'Fooled Today' was released on the Fabulous Label in 1980 with John Ellis on guitar and Riki Legair on bass, but this bombed and The Drones would eventually call it a day towards the end of 1982.. The Classic line-up (1976-1979): M. J. Drone (Mike Howells) - vocals, guitar Gus Gangrene (Gary Callender) - lead guitar Whispa (Steve Cundall) - bass Pete Purrfect (Peter Howells) - drums. On 10 January 2013 Lead singer and guitarist M.J. Drone (aka Michael Howells) died. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Drones Temptations Of A White Collar Worker OHMS GOODMIX 1

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