Nuke Records was a DIY label. It managed one singles. Closely attached to Virgin Records.  Nuke's sole release was the single shown, 'Nuclear Waste' by Fast Breeder & The Radio Actors (NUKE-235; 1978).  Apparently the 'group' included both Sting and Steve Hillage. The record was reissued in November 1979 on Charly (CYS-1058), and it was re-reissued in the 1980s. Presumably the '235' of the catalogue number was borrowed from Virgin's own numerical series, which had reached the VS-200s at that time. VS-235 came out several months later, in 1979, so perhaps Virgin borrowed the number back. The Radio Actors was Not a "real" band. This was a project by Harry Williamson to record an anti-nuclear song, including Sting, Steve Hillage and other members of Gong and Hawkwind. This one-time band released one single only.Distributed By Virgin Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Fast Breeder & Radio Actors  Nuclear Waste NUKE NUKE 235

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