NTOT Records was a DIY label. of the National Theatre Organ Trust.  It managed at least two singles, both of them EPs.  'The Happy Sound Of Noel Briggs' (NEM-101; 1973) was first out of the blocks; its matrix number, SRM-7105 / NEM-101, indicates that the record was made through by Studio Republic, of Pinner, Middlesex.  Reginald Liversedge's 'Souvenirs' (NEM-102) followed in 1975.  Subsequent issues appear to have been on LP or cassette.  Numbers were in the 100s or the 200s, LPs were prefixed NLM (mono) or NLS (stereo), cassettes NCM or NCS.  The highest number that has been  revealed  NCM-214; NCM-212 is said to date from 1996. Distributed By NTOT Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Noel Briggs The Happy Sound Of Noel Briggs NTOT NEM 101
75 Reginald Liversedge Souvenirs NTOT NEM 102

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