Independent Scottish label: NRG Records was based in Dundee. It seems to have released just three singles: 'Jerkin', by the Drive (RE-46; 8/1977); 'No Answers, by The Alternators (SRTS/NRG-001; 1/1978); and the Visitors', 'Take It Or Leave It' (NRG-002; 2/1978).  Manufacture was of the second two was through SRT.  The Drive single is also listed as having the number RE-46 came out on the REL label it was 'You Gotta Know Girl' by Bee Bee Cee.  Presumably the Drive record was recorded at REL studios - it is reported to have been made in Edinburgh.. Distributed By TS Records. The Drive Formed in Dundee in the early days of 1977 The Drive were one of the first Scottish punk bands and the first to release a single. The band line-up was Gus McKenzie - Vocals. Ron Neish - Lead Guitar. Bob Phillips - Slide Guitar. Roger Patterson - Bass and Ron Jack - Drums. The Alternators formed in Dundee in 1976 and had in their line-up ; Martin Geldart (bass) - Wayne Hutton (drums) - Colin Warnock (guitar/vocal) - Louis O'Neil (keyboards). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Drive Jerkin' NRG RE 46
78 Alternators No Answers NRG SRT/NRG 001
78 Visitors Take It Or Leave It NRG SRT/NRG 002

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