North West Gramophone Records was a custom recording concern, based in Liverpool.  North West Gramophone seems to have managed just the five releases, but there may be others.  The examples have been from 1975-76.  All except the Cornel & Day EP shown, 'Born With A Smile On My Face' (NWG-76105; 1976) were albums, there were some well-known names represented: Tom O'Connor, The Grumbleweeds and David Alexander were all popular on the Club scene.  LPs and EPs shared the same numerical series, the first two numerals of which showed the year of issue: NWG-75100s date from 1975, NWG-76100s from 1976.  Pressing of the record shown above was by Polydor. Distributed By North West Gramophone Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 David Alexander So Many Ways (Album) NORTH WEST GRAMOPHONE NWG 75101
75 Tom O'Connor Ace Of Clubs (Album) NORTH WEST GRAMOPHONE NWG 75102
76 Kenny Johnson And Northwind Lakeside Highway (Album) NORTH WEST GRAMOPHONE NWG 76103
76 The Grumbleweeds Grumbleweeds Album (Album) NORTH WEST GRAMOPHONE NWG 76104
76 Cornel And Day Born With A Smile On My Face NORTH WEST GRAMOPHONE NWG 76105

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