Non Nobis Singers Records is one of those cases where a record doesn't appear to have a label name as such and I've had to use the artists' name as an identifier.  Christian vocal group the Non Nobis Singers seem to have made just the one record, 'What Is Man?', which according to the label was a setting of Psalm 8 by Peter Blumson.  It was in the Folk style, and the accompaniment to it consisted of acoustic guitar, flute and tambourine.  Peter Blumson is reportedly the real name of singer / songwriter Pete Dello, who is most widely remembered for 'I Can't Let Maggie Go', a Top 10 hit for his band The Honeybus in 1968; whether this is the same Peter Blumson or not remains to be determined, but it's not a common name.  The 'B' side offered a reading of that same psalm and a reflection on it by Tom Chapman.  A Reverend Tom Chapman used to serve in the Sourbridge area until his recent retirement; again, this may or may not be him.  Adding to the lack of certainty surrounding the single, there's no date on it.  The injection moulded labels indicate a Phonodisc pressing, which at least enables us to narrow the possibilities down a little: Phonodisc seems to have only made injection moulded custom pressings from 1974 until the middle of 1977.  As can be seen from the scan the catalogue number was PD-100.  'PD' could possibly stand for 'Pete Dello', but then, with this being a Christian record, it could stand for 'Pax Domini' or indeed any number of things.  Solutions to any of these mysteries would be welcome. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 The Non Nobis Singers What Is Man NON NOBIS SINGERS PD 100

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