Independent label: No Records managed at least two singles 'Aleister Crowley', by The Pathetix (NO-001), which came out in 1978. and Kay Russia 'Louise'. The Pathetix went on to record for the TJM and Citizen UK labels. Distributed By No Records. Pathetix was from Lancashire, formed as early as 1976, initially by Nicholson and Husband. Nicholson, now a producer for the BBC. Band Members Knickers (aka Andrew Nicholson) - Vocals Phil Image (aka Philip Husband) - Guitar Jack Frost (aka Gary Brown) - Bass Pete Hectic (aka Pete Rowlands) - Lead Guitar Star (aka Terry Sanders) - Drums Pokey (aka Peter Leeper) - Saxophone. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Pathetix Aleister Crowley NO NO 001
79 Kay Russia Louise NO NO 1

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