No Wonder Records was a DIY label. owned by Punk group the Newtown Neurotics, of Harlow.  No Wonder issued at least six singles during 1979-84, including three by that band.  The Neurotics', 'Hypocrite' (NOW-1; 1979) has a matrix number of SRTS/79/CUS-363, showing it to be an SRT custom recording; it is also listed as having the catalogue number A-45 - which does actually appear on the label - and being distributed by Pinnacle.  No Wonder seems to have gone into hibernation for 1982-83; the Neurotics were signed to another label for that period.  Presumably when their contract expired they revived their own label. The Newtown Neurotics (later just The Neurotics) are a Harlow punk rock/post-punk group formed by Steve Drewett, in 1979. Band Members Steve Drewett Adam Smith Dave Walsh. Distributed By Pinnacle Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Newtown Neurotics Hypocrite NO WONDER NOW 1
79 Not Traced NO WONDER NOW 2
80 Spermicide Femme Prothese NO WONDER NOW 3
80 Newtown Neurotics When The Oil Runs Out NO WONDER NOW 4
82 Newtown Neurotics Kick Out The Tories! NO WONDER NOW 5
84 Newtown Neurotics Suzi NO WONDER NOW 6

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