Independent label: No Pap Records was a Punk / New Wave label, run by the owner of a Southend record shop.  The only release on No Pap seems to have been 'No Survivors', by Mod band Speedball (DD1 / DD2; 1978). limited to 1000 copies. Both sides of the single were given a separate catalogue number, and while the band's name was given prominence on the label it was misspelled as 'Speedballs'. Distributed By Rough Trade Records. Speedball formed in 1979, from the ashes of Idiot, and were one of the best of the '79 Mod Bands. They only lasted for about a year. The band were comprised of Robin Beulo on Vocals and Guitar, Guy Pratt on Bass and Dave Dyke on Drums, and were managed by Roger Allen, Editor of The Surrey Vomet. Robin Beulo moved to Australia and Guy Pratt has continued as a 'gun for hire' Bassist, playing with everyone from Bryan Ferry to Pink Floyd! Sadly Dave Dyke died from cancer in 2007. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Speedball No Survivor NO PAP DD1/DD2

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