Independent Scottish label: No Bad Records was owned by Sandy Muir, who was a Dunfermline record-shop owner and who managed Punk group The Skids. The first Skids single, 'Charles', was also the first single on the No Bad label (NB-1; 1978); distribution was by Lightning.  The Skids soon linked up with Virgin Records; Virgin subsequently put out several singles using an NB-0 series, but these appear to have no connection with No Bad.  No Bad kept going until at least 1981, issuing a single by Biocar, 'Hero' b/w 'Walking On The Water' (NBS-2; 1980) and a couple of albums by Folk band Heritage in the process.  Distributed By No Bad Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Skids Charles NO BAD NB 1
80 Biocar Hero NO BAD NBS 2

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