Independent label: Nighthawk Records issued at least four records: three by 'Blast Furnace & The Heatwaves' - a band led by NME journalist Charles Shaar Murray - and one by John Potter's Clay. Numbering was in a HOT-0 series; HOT-1, Blast Furnace's 'Trust Me' EP, featured Phil Lynott and Bob Geldof on backing vocals.  HOT-2 was a single the others were EPs. The band had to drop the 'Heatwaves' part of its name following legal action by Rod Temperton Soul / Funk / Disco band Heatwave, who were popular at the time.  Distribution was by Lightning for the first record, Faulty Products for the second, and Pye for the last two. Blast Furnace and the Heatwaves were a London-based rhythm & blues band, that flourished in the 1970s. Members of the band included Charles Shaar Murray (vocals, guitar & harp), Skid Stuart (harp & vocals) and Andy Eastwood (guitars). The original rhythm section of Andy St Clare (bass) and Nigel Elliott (drums) was replaced by Kevin Allen (bass) and John Mackie (drums) Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Blast Furnace And The Heatwaves Trust Me NIGHTHAWK  HOT 1
78 Blast Furnace South Of The River NIGHTHAWK  HOT 2
79 John Clay PotterīS  SpeedinīOn NIGHTHAWK  HOT 3
80 Blast Furnace CanīT Stop The Boy NIGHTHAWK  HOT 4

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