Independent Reggae label: Night Owl Records released at least three singles, in the period 1978-79; numbering was in a NOR-5000 series.  There were also a couple of albums.  Latterly marketing was by Plastic Fantastic and distribution was by Pye; the labels of the first two singles credit Mojo with distribution.  The owners was Dandy Livingstone and Dimples Hinds.  There was a couple more singles on a Night Owl label, 'La Al Akimbo' by Mr. President (NOR-245) and The Marvels' 'In The Middle Of The Night' (NOR-1002), but the label design is different - plain, with a large centre hole - and they have 'Made in Middlesex, London' on them, which  doesn't sound like something you would find on a genuine British release.  The Marvels did however have an album of that name on this Night Owl label (NORLP-1002; 1979). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Dimple Hinds  Every Blackman Is A Rasta  NIGHT OWL  NOR 5001
78 Dandy Livingstone  Calling Africa  NIGHT OWL  NOR 5002
78 Dandy Livingstone  South African Experience NIGHT OWL  NOR 5003
77 Mr. President  La La Akimbo  NIGHT OWL  NOR 245
77 The Marvels In The Middle Of The Night NIGHT OWL  NOR 1002

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