Independent label: Night Child Records was a DIY label. It issued at least four 7" records, three of them in 1976 and the last in 1977.  Its first release was a Folk EP by Janet Jones, 'A Fresh Wind Waves' (NC-001; 1976), which featured some of the poems of Emily Bronte set to music.  Publisher of the songs was Aire Valley Music, which may give some clue as to the company's origins.  The first few singles were injection-moulded, indicating Phonodisc pressings; 001 was coloured blue, 003 was red.  By the time of 004, paper labels had been adopted and the logo had been dropped.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Janet Jones  A Fresh Wind Waves NIGHT CHILD NC 001
76 The John Allen Duo Aria NIGHT CHILD NC 002
76 Gatsby Tell Me What You Want NIGHT CHILD NC 003
77 Billy & Kid My Woman My Wife NIGHT CHILD NC 004

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