In the second half of the Seventies members of the UK arm of Buddhist group Nichiren Shoshu put out a couple of self-financed EPs on their own label.  They don't appear to have given their label a name, but as the first EP had a picture of a mountain called Saint Victoire in the top half I'm using that as an identifier for want of anything better.  In addition to the Tom Beaumont track 'Rock Opera 'Life'' shown in the scan, that EP offered 'Victory Mountain' by Dave White, 'St. Victoire' by Barbara Cahill and 'Mountain Of Victory' by Bob Davis - the names may well be those of the songwriters, as the group of singers on the 'B' side tracks and the second half of 'Life' seems to be the same.  Its matrix number, 775, may refer to the month and year of the opening of the Nichiren Shoshu European Centre, which the songs were intended to celebrate.  The second EP, which I haven't seen pictured, came out in 1978 and featured songs from a musical called 'Altogether Now'.  Its catalogue number was ALT-1000; it contained another Tom Beaumont song, 'The Show's On Its Way', Howard Hill's 'Hey Baby' and Brian Parrish's 'Together', along with a couple by Dawn Kish, 'Happy Days' and 'Somebody Is You'. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Various Artists Saint Victoire: Songs Of Celebration NICHERIN SHOSHU 775
78 NSUK All Stars Altogether Now NICHERIN SHOSHU ALT 1000

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