New Pleasures Records was a DIY label. It belonged to Punk / New Wave band Another Pretty Face, from Scotland.  It released two singles, both of them in 1979.  The first was the band's own, 'The Boys Love Carrie' (Z-1; 5/79); the second was 'Mafia', by D.N.V. (Z-2; 9/79).  Another Pretty Face signed to Virgin, but they stayed with that company for a mere four months.  Later they joined Ensign, and changed their name to Funhouse.  Musical differences led to Mike Scott leaving; he went on to form The Waterboys, Distributed By New Pleasures Records. Another Pretty Face was Formed in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1978, Another Pretty Face revolved around Mike Scott (born. Michael Scott, 14 December 1958, Edinburgh, Scotland; guitar/vocals), publisher of the fanzine Jungleland, and former leader of several low-key acts, including Karma and the Bootlegs. John Caldwell (guitar), Jim Geddes (bass) and ‘Crigg’ (born. Ian Walter Greig; drums) joined Scott in Another Pretty Face and the band’s debut single, ‘All The Boys Love Carrie’, was issued in 1979. Produced by ex-Rezillos saxophonist William Mysterious, the song indicated Scott’s love of Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen and was declared ‘Record of the Week’ in the New Musical Express. Several major companies took interest in the band until Virgin Records secured their services in 1980. One single, ‘Whatever Happened To The West?’, followed before tension between the band and the record company brought the arrangement to a premature end. A projected album, produced by Only Ones bass player Alan Mair, had been completed and several of these recordings formed the basis for the band’s subsequent releases, issued on Scott’s own label, Chicken Jazz. Two singles, ‘Heaven Gets Closer Every Day’ and ‘Soul To Soul’, plus an eight-track cassette, followed. In 1982, Scott and Caldwell - by then the remaining members - opted to change the band’s name to Funhouse. ‘Out Of Control’ was issued on Ensign Records, after which Scott began recording a series of solo demos. He ended his partnership with Caldwell and formed a new unit, the Waterboys. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Another Pretty Face All The Boys Love Carrie NEW PLEASURES Z 1
79 Dnv Death In Venice NEW PLEASURES Z 2

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