Independent label: New Hormones Records was a punk label, owned by The Buzzcocks and primarily intended to be an outlet for their records.   Although the New Hormones office in Manchester was a base for Buzzcocks' business affairs, it was also home to its own record label, Its first release, the 'Spiral Scratch' EP, brought the band to the attention of United Artists, who snapped them up; they went on to have a succession of hits on the United Artists label.  A reissue of 'Spiral Scratch' also entered the charts, on the back of the UA successes, in 1979; reissues have paper labels rather than the original injection-moulded ones.  Although the Buzzcocks were gone, New Hormones soldiered on, releasing records by unsigned bands from the local (Manchester) area until the end of 1982. New Hormones Records Former Address) 50 Newton Street Manchester M1 2EA. Distributed By New Hormones Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Buzzcocks Spiral Scratch [ Ep ] NEW HORMONES ORG 1
77 Linder Savage: The Secret Public NEW HORMONES  ORG 2
81 Tiller Boys Big Noise From The Jungle NEW HORMONES ORG 3
81 Ludus The Visit [ Ep ] NEW HORMONES ORG 4
81 Decorators Twilight View NEW HORMONES ORG 5
81 Random Eric That'S What I Like About Me [ Ep ] NEW HORMONES ORG 6
81 Dislocation Dance Birthday Outlook NEW HORMONES  ORG 7
81 Ludus My Cherry Is A Sherry NEW HORMONES  ORG 8
81 Diagram Brothers Bricks NEW HORMONES  ORG 9
81 Dislocation Dance Slip The Disc [ Ep ] NEW HORMONES  ORG 10
81 Random Eric Dow Chemical Company NEW HORMONES ORG 11
81 Ludus Mother'S Hour NEW HORMONES ORG 12
81 Not Issued NEW HORMONES ORG 13
81 God'S Gift Soldiers NEW HORMONES ORG 14
81 Dislocation Dance: Music Music, Music (Lp) NEW HORMONES ORG 15
81 Ludus The Seduction [ Ep ] NEW HORMONES ORG 16
81 Diagram Brothers Some Marvels Of Modern Science (Lp) NEW HORMONES ORG 17
82 Random Eric Earth Bound  NEW HORMONES ORG 18
82 Dislocation Dance Rosemary NEW HORMONES ORG 19
82 Ludus Danger Came Smiling NEW HORMONES ORG 20
82 Diagram Brothers Discords [ Ep ] NEW HORMONES ORG 21
82 Dislocation Dance You'Ll Never Know NEW HORMONES ORG 22
82 Ambrose Reynolds The World’S Greatest Hits (Mini-Lp) NEW HORMONES ORG 23
82 Ludus Not Released NEW HORMONES ORG 24
82 God'S Gift Discipline NEW HORMONES ORG 25
82 Biting Tongues Libreville (Lp) NEW HORMONES ORG 26
82 Dislocation Dance Remind Me NEW HORMONES ORG 27
82 Ludus Not Released NEW HORMONES ORG 28
82 Gods Gift Clamour Club NEW HORMONES ORG 29
82 Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias Cruisin' With Santa NEW HORMONES  ORG 30

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