Independent label: New Bristol Records was a short-lived Punk label from Bristol.  There were two singles issued on the New Bristol label: The Pigs' 'Youthanasia' (NBR-01; 11/1977), and Gardez Darkz's 'Freeze' (NBR-02; 5/1978) A side was marked with a Y and the B side marked with an X.. Both singles were picked up by Pye and made available through that company in December 1979.  Distributed By New Bristol Records. The Pigs are a Bristol-based punk rock band formed in 1977. Line-up was Kit Gould-Guitar, Vocals Eamonn McAndrew-vocals Nigel Robinson-bass Ricky Galli-drums. Gardez Darkx was a Post punk jazz crossover band formed in Bristol in 1977.Originally a 4 piece comprising of Lattif Gardez on lead guitar,Paul Darkx on trumpet,along with a bass player and a drummer. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Pigs Youthenasia NEW BRISTOL NBR 1
78 Gardez Darkx Freeze NEW BRISTOL NBR 2

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