Independent label: Nevis Records operated out of London - at first Brixton Hill, later Muswell Hill. Jim McLean was the man in charge of it.  The company seems to have issued records in two distinct periods.  The first records came out from 1972 to 1973; singles initially had catalogue numbers in the NEVIS-000s, but the prefix evolved into 'NEV S' and then 'NEV SP'.  The label appears to have been revived in 1976, when the catalogue series was changed to NEV S-100; the gap in the prefix disappeared later on.  Initially EPs shared the numbers but had a 'NEV EP' prefix; however, the existence of a 'NEV EP-201' alongside a 'NEVS-201' suggests that either they were given their own numerical series eventually or that they started sharing the LPs' numbers.  Nevis's products appear to have been fairly standard Pop / Folk / Scottish fare, though it issued a couple of Rock 'n' Roll LPs: 'Planet Of The Drapes' by the Flying Saucers (NEVLP-114; 1976), and Cadillac's 'March Of The Rockers' (NEV LP-125).  It can claim the distinction of first recording the Nolan Sisters, who with their parents and brothers made up The Singing Nolans: an album, 'The Singing Nolans' (NEV R-009), a Christmas EP, 'Silent Night' (NEV S-005) and a single, 'Blackpool' (NEV S-007), all came out in 1972.  The labels do not have any dates on them, which is a bit of a bind when it comes to compiling a discography, the Little & Large single 'Telephone Man' (NEV S-103), pictured, was issued in November 1977 and was distributed by Lugton. the Lugton deal may have been a one-off.  The very first Nevises had fairly plain labels, with the name in a curve at the top; those from 1972 to 1977 had a blue-and-white label, while issues from 1978 on had a blue label with a tartan stripe.  The discography below lists the few of the company's singles that I have managed to trace - the huge gaps suggest that singles and LPs may have started sharing the same numerical series, with different prefixes, in or around 1978. Distributed By Nevis Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.


71 John McCluskey The Green And White Heroes NEVIS NR 001
71 George Mel Golden Sun / Crazy Horse NEVIS NEVIS 002
71 Robin Hall & Jimmie Macgregor Highlands And Lowlands (Album) NEVIS NEV R 003
71 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 004
72 Singing Nolans Silent Night NEVIS NEV S 005
72 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 006
72 Singing Nolans Blackpool NEVIS NEV S 007
73 Robin Hall & Jimmie Macgregor Scotland Is Waking NEVIS NEV SP 008
73 John Mccluskey Fitba Crazy NEVIS NEV LP 100
77 Jimmy Logan Scotland Is Calling NEVIS NEV S 101
77 Pearly Minstrels In A Golden Coach NEVIS NEV EP 102
77 Little And Large Telephone Man NEVIS NEV S 103
77 Company Policy We Cannae Go Tae Argentina NEVIS NEV S 104
77 Pentagon Dance With Me NEVIS NEV S 104
77 Skee Laird Nashville Will Never Be The Same NEVIS NEV S 105
77 Various  Artists  Inveraray  Castle  Ceilidh (Album)  NEVIS NEV LP 106
77 Festival Something In Your Smile NEVIS NEV S 107
77 Alastair Mcdonald  Scotland First (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 108
77 Jimmy Marshali Jimmy Marshall (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 109
77 Johnny Duffy Live From London (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 110
77 Jacqui And Bridie  Tis A Gift To Be Simple (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 111
77 Alastair Mcdonald Sings Robert Burns (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 112
77 Sheps Banjo Boys Shep'S Banjo Boys (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 113
77 Flying Saucers Planet Of The Drapes NEVIS NEV LP 114
77 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 115
77 Kymm Kymm (Album) NEVIS NEVLP 116
77 John Doc At the Carousel (Album) NEVIS NEVLP 117
77 Peter Fenn Songs Of The Century (Album) NEVIS NEVLP 118
77 Nicky Martyn Laughter Show (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 119
77 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 120
77 Grant Frazer The Romantic Voice Of Scotland (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 121
77 The Karl Denver Trio The Karl Denver Trio (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 122
77 Rob Gordon Tune Tonic NEVIS NEV LP 123
77 Nigel Denver Scottish Republican Songs (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 124
77 Cadillac March Of The Rockers (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 125
77 Stumpy Stumpy (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 126
77 Don Spencer Sings The Best Of Play School (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 127
77 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 128
77 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 129
77 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 130
77 Skee Laird Sings Cool Country NEVIS NEV LP 131
78 Little And Large Soopersonic Syd Sings—Or Does He (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 132
78 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 133
78 Rose Marie Sings Something For Everyone (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 134
78 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 135
78 Spencer King Spencer King (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 136
78 J.J. Stewart From Obscurity To Oblivion (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 137
78 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 138
78 Kenny Ball And His Jazzmen In Concert (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 139
78 Bob Miller And The Millermen Bob Miller And The Millermen (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 140
78 Country Breeze (2) The Gentle Sound Of Country Breeze (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 141
78 Barbara Law Evergreen (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 142
78 Vince Eager Twenty Years On (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 143
78 The New Faces The New Faces (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 144
78 The Nolans The Nolans (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 145
78 Bill Clement Bill Clement's Love Story (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 146
78 Ken Roland  The Second Time Around (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 147
78 Bill Clements Love Story (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 148
78 John Rafferty John Rafferty (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 149
78 Debbie Neil Sings Town And Country (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 150
78 Jean Bennett  Sings (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 151
78 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 152
78 Tommy Husky Double Edge Blade (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 153
78 Fran And Anna Come On Ring Those Bells NEVIS NEV S 154
78 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 155
78 Suzanne Bond Live From The "Talk Of The Midlands" (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 156
78 Jacqui And Bridie Come Day Go Day (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 157
78 Lord Colwyn'S Three B Band ...At Last (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 158
78 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 159
78 Grant Frazer My Land Is Scotland (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 160
78 Kenny Ball And His Jazzmen Waydown Yonder (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 161
78 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 162
78 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 163
78 Jacqueline And Bridie  How Can You Keep From Singing With (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 164
81 Elvis Eddie Rockin` On Down The Line With Elvis Eddie (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 165
81 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 166
81 Jacqui And Bridie A Place In The Choir (Album) NEVIS NEV LP 167
81 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 168
81 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 169
81 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 170
81 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 171
81 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 172
81 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 173
81 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 174
81 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 175
81 Connie Glod & Stardust Concert In The Sky NEVIS NEV S 176
81 Peter Reilley And Grand Canyon Book Of Kells NEVIS NEV S 177
81 Not Traced NEVIS NEV 178
81 Johnny Ball Think Of A Number NEVIS NEV S 179


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