Independent label: From the Sheffield area.  Neutron was started by the members of Minimalist band Vice Versa - Stephen Singleton, Mark White and David Sydenham in 1979. Sydenham was later replaced by Martin Fry.  Its first release was an EP by Vice Versa, 'Music 4' (PX-1092 / NT-001; 1979); the PX prefix belonged to the pressing company CJMO.  Its second EP (NT-003) featured Vice Versa in company with three other local bands, including Clock DVA.  Later singles used an NT-100 catalogue series. In 1980, looking for a way to open up the market for their products, the label's owners reached an agreement with majors Phonogram.  Vice Versa evolved into Pop' band ABC; they scored their first Top 20 hit in 1981 with their first single, 'Tears Are Not Enough' (NT-101) and went on to register hits in both the Singles and Albums charts throughout the decade.  The company devoted its attention to music publishing in the early 90s, and continues in that business today. Thanks to Robert Lyons for the info. Distributed By Phonogram Records. 

79 Vice Versa Music 4 NEUTRON PX 1092
79 Vice Versa Music 4 (Note : 7" poster picture sleeve,same as PX 1092) NEUTRON NT 001
80 (Non Record) A Set Of Prints With A Manifesto - Neutron Data Pack NEUTRON NT 002
80 Various Artists 1980:The First First Fifteen Minutes NEUTRON NT 003
81 Robotnik            Space Race NEUTRON NT 004

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