Independent label: Nervous Records is a Rockabilly / Psychobilly / Rock 'n' Roll label, run by Rockin' Roy Williams.  Nervous was named after American recording artist Nervous Norvus, who gained a cult following thanks to his 'Transfusion' and 'Ape Call' singles of the 1950s.  It started out in 1978 as a publishing company and issued its first single, 'Rockabilly Guy' by The Polecats (NER-001) in the late Summer / early Autumn of 1979.  The matrix number, EJSP-9272, indicates that the record was made through Ellie Jay. The Polecats were to hit the Charts three times in 1981 with covers of David Bowie's 'John I'm Only Dancing' (POLE-1) and T. Rex's 'Jeepster' (POLE-3) and with a re-recorded version of 'Rockabilly Guy' (POLE-2), all for Mercury Records. The second Nervous single, 'Constipation Shake' by Legendary Lonnie (NER-002) did not appear until 1981. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Polecats  Rockabilly Guy NERVOUS NER 001
79 Legendary Lonnie Constipation Shake NERVOUS NER 002
81 Not Issued NERVOUS NER 003
81 Rockin' Johnny Austin City Lights NERVOUS NER 004
81 Deltas Heart Attack NERVOUS NER 005
83 Restless Edge On You NERVOUS NER 006
85 Rochee & Sarnos Whistle Wriggle NERVOUS NER 007
81 Rocking Johnny / The Feds Rocking Johnny Meets The Feds NERVOUS NEP 001
84 Frenzy Frenzy (12") NERVOUS NEP 002
85 The Rapids The Raid (12") NERVOUS NEP 003
86 Torment The Mystery Men EP (12") NERVOUS NEP 004
87 The Pharaohs Vigilante (12") NERVOUS NEP 005
91 Scamps Shake Your Hips  NERVOUS NEP 006
91 The Falcons Balls Balls (Cd) NERVOUS NEPCD 007
96 The Backbeats Back To The Beat EP NERVOUS NEP 008

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