Independent label: Nepentha Records was a short-lived part of Larry Page's 'Page International' company, and thus a sibling of Penny Farthing.  Nepentha was intended to showcase writing talent, which may be the reason for the 'quill' part of its logo.  It seems to have come and gone during 1971, leaving behind it a handful of albums by the likes of Dulcimer, Zior and Earth & Fire, all of which are highly collectable nowadays.  It issued only three singles; they appear to be even rarer than the albums, though obviously they aren't as pricey.  Numbering was in a 6129-000 series, which was switched to Page International Records after 6129-003.  Unusually, Nepentha used a handwriting font for its label credits; offhand, the only other company I can think of which did that was Fly Records. Manufacture and Distribution were by Philips / Phonodisc. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Earth & Fire Invitation NEPENTHA 6129 001
71 Zior  Za Za Za Zilda NEPENTHA 6129 002
71 Zior  Cat'S Eyes NEPENTHA 6129 003

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