Neon Hearts Records was a DIY label. owned by Wolverhapton Punk group the Neon Hearts. It only issued one single, that group's 'Regulations' / 'Venus Eccentric' (NEON-001; 12/77), after which the Hearts signed to Satril Records. Distribution was by Selecta and by mail order from the band themselves. Neon Hearts were Wolverhampton's first punk band that had a short lived existence from 1977 to 1981 at the height of the punk movement. The band was founded in the summer of 1977 by Steve Heart when he quit Birmingham-based Suburban Studs after being told a sax player was inappropriate in a punk band. The initial line up included Steve, his cousin, a bass player called Paul Raven, a drummer friend of Paul's, Keith Allen, and Martin Ratcliffe, a guitarist friend of Keith's. Tony Deary (later Tone Dial) joined the band after a couple of meetings and the band (now five members) was complete. After much debate the band decided to call themselves Neon Hearts. After the first sessions at Ginger Studios two songs, 'Regulations' and 'Venus Eccentric' were chosen to become a double A-sided single released on 1 December 1977 on the band's own label, Neon Hearts Records. The first pressing of the single was released in an oversized 8" sleeve due to a printing error.Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Neon Heart Regulations NEON HEARTS NEON 001

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