NEMS Enterprises was Brian Epstein's Management company; Sometimes listed as NEMS Records & Tapes or Nems Records Ltd, the initials deriving from the Epstein family's 'North End Music Stores' in Liverpool.  NEMS issued records in the late '60s, and had a couple of hits with 'Yesterday Has Gone', and 'My World' by Cupid's Inspiration, in 1968, before taking a breather.  The label was revived in 1975; it seems to have tried a brief flirtation with Phonogram, issuing one single in the standard Phonogram injection-moulded format before moving on to CBS.  Other moves followed, later on in the decade: to RCA (March 1977) and then to Pye (September 1977).  The biggest name on NEMS was that of Black Sabbath; the band's albums up to that point were all reissued on the label.  '60s hitmaker Marianne Faithful had another couple of stabs at the Chart with singles on NEMS, neither of which registered; and Punk group The Boys released three highly-regarded singles for the company without quite cracking the Top 75.  NEMS had access to the catalogue of the respected 1960s company Immediate Records, it revived Immediate in the '70s and engaged in an enthusiastic reissue programme on that label.  It also had a short-lived Reggae offshoot, Opal.  As far as the NEMS label proper is concerned, the '60s version was handled by CBS; singles had a 56 prefix and shared their numbering with the other CBS group singles.  Moving on to the '70s, Phonogram-era singles would have appeared in a 6165-300 series, had there been more than one of them; CBS-distributed singles were numbered in a NES-000 series; while RCA ones used an NES-100 one, which Pye continued.  1981 saw the company turning to Stage One for distribution; singles from the early '80s seem to have been numbered in the NES-300s. Thanks to Robert Lyons for the info.

75 Briscoe Jimmy & Beaver I Only Feel This Way When I´M With You NEMS NES 001
75 Birch Mo Dance On NEMS NES 002
75 Merriboys Rock ´N´Roll Love Song NEMS NES 003
75 Faithfull Marianne Dreamin' My Dreams NEMS NES 004
75 Westlake Clive It´S Just A Matter Of Time NEMS NES 005
76 Saunders & English Nobody Knows But Me NEMS NES 006
76 Cynthia  Love Forever NEMS NES 007
76 Not Traced NEMS NES 008
76 Jones Doris He´S So Irreplaceable NEMS NES 009
76 Gold Connection Darling I Like It NEMS NES 010
76 Hammersmith Billy When I'M Dead & Gone NEMS NES 011
76 Winston Jimmy Sun In The Morning NEMS NES 012
76 Faithfull Marianne All I Wanna Do In Life NEMS NES 013
77 Faithfull Marianne Wrong Road Again NEMS NES 014
76 Jones Doris Stranded In The Wilderness NEMS NES 015
76 Not Traced NEMS NES 016
76 Not Traced NEMS NES 017
76 Fury Billy Halfway To Paradise NEMS NES 018
76 Not Traced NEMS NES 019
76 Westlake Clive Family NEMS NES 020
76 Kelly Chris Just As Long As You´Re Mine NEMS NES 021
76 Black Sabbath Am I Going Insane NEMS 6165 300
77 Philips Jeff Somebody Stolen My Thunder NEMS NES 101
77 Boys [ Uk ] I Dont Care NEMS NES 102
77 Cane Ray Losing Game NEMS NES 103
77 Not Traced NEMS NES 104
77 Memories All The King'S Horses NEMS NES 105
77 Philips Jeff Hear You Come Again NEMS NES 106
77 Cynthia & Harold Butler Love Forever NEMS NES 107
77 Not Traced NEMS NES 108
77 Jones Doris He'S So Irreplaceable NEMS NES 109
77 Gold Connection Darling I Like It NEMS NES 110
77 Boys [ Uk ] First Time NEMS NES 111
77 Black Sabbath Paranoid NEMS NES 112
77 Ivory When You´Re Not Around NEMS NES 113
77 Yobs Run Rundolph Run NEMS NES 114
77 Wasps Can´T Wait Till 78 NEMS NES 115
77 Boys [ Uk ] Brickfield Night NEMS NES 116
78 Faithfull Marianne The Way You Want Me To Be NEMS NES 117
78 Not Traced NEMS NES 118
78 Not Traced NEMS NES 119
78 Not Traced NEMS NES 120
78 Black Sabbath Paranoid NEMS NES 121

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