Independent American label: Nemperor Records was owned by Nat Weiss. Weiss and Brian Epstein of NEMS formed Nemperor Artists as a management agency in 1966.  The record label ran from 1974 to 1985 in the USA, initially through Atlantic and then through CBS, and found success with records by such people as Steve Forbert and Tommy Bolin. In addition to Forbert, Bolin and singer-songwriter Andy Pratt, the label's roster featured jazz-rockers Stanley Clarke and Jan Hammer.  Nemperor had a much shorter life in the U.K. as an actual label.  Early releases came out on Atlantic in Britain, the Nemperor label itself first appearing over here in 1976, via WEA.  Its few British singles shared a K-10000 numerical series with those of Atlantic.  None of them entered the Chart.  Following the move to CBS, which took place in in October 1977, Nemperor material began to appear on Epic in Britain, with Nemperor featuring merely as an additional logo on the standard Epic label. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Tommy Bolin Grind NEMPEROR K 10730
76 Andy Pratt If You Could See Yourself NEMPEROR K 10813
77 Stanley Clarke Hot Fun NEMPEROR K 10889

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