Independent label: Neat Records was a record label based near Newcastle. The label was established in 1979 by David Wood, who was the owner of Impulse Studios in Wallsend, Tyne and Wear. A key figure in the establishment of the label was Steve Thompson. Thompson was house producer at Impulse at the time and helped set up Neat, became the A&R manager and produced all the initial recordings, as well as managing the publishing arm, Neat Music. The label was sold in 1995 by its then owner, the former Tygers of Pan Tang vocalist Jess Cox, to Sanctuary Records. It issued singles in an TS-000 numerical series. Neat Records was arguably the most instrumental label in the revival of heavy metal in the early 80s in the UK. The movement was known as the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal or NWOBHM for short. The label is most notorious for the early releases of Newcastle band Venom who are widely credited with the invention of black metal. While none of Neat Records' acts really broke through to the mainstream themselves. Most of Neat's 40-odd singles and 50-odd LPs were released after the '70s, but its first three singles appeared in 1979.  Numbering was in the NEAT-00s. Neat Records Former Address: 71 High Street East Wallsend, Tyne and Wear. Distributed By Pinnacle and Bullet Records. 

79 Motorway All I Wanna Be Is Your Romeo NEAT NEAT ONE
80 Mckenzie Janie  One And Only Girl  NEAT NEAT 02
80 Tygers Of Pantang Don'T Touch Me There  NEAT NEAT 03
80 Fist Name Rank And Serial Number NEAT NEAT 04
80 White Spirit Back To The Grind NEAT NEAT 05
80 Raven Don'T Need Your Money NEAT NEAT 06
81 Aragorn Black Ice NEAT NEAT 07
81 Venom In League With Satan NEAT NEAT 08
81 Bitches Sin Always Ready NEAT NEAT 09
81 Blitzkrieg Buried Alive NEAT NEAT 10
81 Raven Hard Ride NEAT NEAT 11
81 Raw Deal Lonewolf NEAT NEAT 12
81 Axis You Got It NEAT NEAT 13
81 Steel Rock Out NEAT NEAT 14
82 Raven Crash Bang Wallop [ Ep ] NEAT NEAT 15
82 Jaguar Axe Crazy NEAT NEAT 16
82 Heavy Pettin' Roll The Dice NEAT NEAT 17
82 Deadringer Hot Lady NEAT NEAT 18
82 Crucifixion Take It Or Leave It NEAT NEAT 19
82 Warror Dead When It Comes To Love NEAT NEAT 20
82 Fist The Wanderer NEAT NEAT 21
82 Valhalla Coming Home NEAT NEAT 22
83 Sabre Miracle Man NEAT NEAT 23
83 Persian Risk Ridin' High NEAT NEAT 24
83 Various Artists One Take No Dubs [ Ep ] NEAT NEAT 25
83 Cox Jess Bridges NEAT NEAT 26
83 Venom Die Hard NEAT NEAT 27
83 Raven Break The Chain NEAT NEAT 28
83 Raven Born To Be Wild NEAT NEAT 29
83 Saracen We Have Arrived NEAT NEAT 30
83 Avenger Too Wild To Tame NEAT NEAT 31
83 Tobruk Wild On The Run NEAT NEAT 32
83 Tsyson Dog Eat The Rich NEAT NEAT 33
83 Emerson Something Special NEAT NEAT 34
84 Cox Jess One In A Million NEAT NEAT 35
84 Valhalla Still In Love NEAT NEAT 36
84 Crucifixion Green Eyes NEAT NEAT 37
84 Venom Warhead NEAT NEAT 38
84 Tnt Back On The Road NEAT NEAT 39
84 Glasgow Stranded NEAT NEAT 40
84 Warfare The Noise Filth And Fury [ Ep ] NEAT NEAT 41
84 Mammath Rock Me NEAT NEAT 42
84 Venom Manitou NEAT NEAT 43
84 Lonewolf Nobody'S Move NEAT NEAT 44
84 Warfare Two Tribes NEAT NEAT 45
85 Tysondog Hammerhead NEAT NEAT 46
85 Venom Nightmare NEAT NEAT 47
85 Black Rose Nightmare NEAT NEAT 48
85 Warfare Total Death [ Ep ] NEAT NEAT 49
85 She Never Surrender NEAT NEAT 50
85 Not Traced NEAT NEAT 51
85 State Trooper She Got The Look NEAT NEAT 52
85 Venom Hell At Hammersmith NEAT NEAT 53
85 Not Traced NEAT NEAT 54
85 Atom Kraft Queen Of Death NEAT NEAT 55
86 Tysondog Schools Out NEAT NEAT 56
87 Shotgun Brides Restless NEAT NEAT 57
87 Warfare Addicted To Love NEAT NEAT 58
87 Carl And The Passion Everybody Walks Too Fast NEAT NEAT 59
87 Mantas  Deceiver (12") NEAT NEAT 12 60
87 Not Issued NEAT NEAT 61
92 The Big Bugs Marry For The Money NEAT NEAT 62
92 Not Traced NEAT NEAT 63
92 David A. Stewart Light Up The City (CD) NEAT NEAT D 64
93 The Crisis Children The One Hit Wonder Club (CD)  NEAT NEAT D 65
93 Not Traced NEAT NEAT 66
93 Not Traced NEAT NEAT 67
94 Profondo Rosso Extrapolate  (CD) NEAT NEAT D 68
95 Profondo Rosso Open Plan Go (CD) NEAT NEAT D 69
95 Not Traced NEAT NEAT 70
95 Not Traced NEAT NEAT 71
98 Profondo Rosso Auto Erotic (CD) NEAT NEAT D 72

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