Independent label: NDS Records was Based in Shipley, NDS issued EPs aimed at the Ballroom Dancing market.  It also offered a distribution service for other Strict Tempo record companies.  The label started life in 1968, under the proprietorship of George F. Mott, as National Dance Services; initial releases came with a rather primitive but cheerful-looking label which was only 76mm wide - the norm is 85mm.  The company soon changed its name to the rather less ambitious-sounding Northern Dance Services and by the end of 1969 adopted full-sized labels  Re-pressings of the early records had the new-style large labels. Numbering of the 45 r.p.m. issues often used the initials of the artist as a prefix: examples shown are 'BR' for Bill Rayner, and 'HE' for Harry Engelman, but many others can be found in the discography below. 33 1/3 rpm EPs had a distinctive labels and were numbered in an 'LLP 33/0' series, 'LLP' standing for 'Little Long Player'. Most NDS EPs seem to have had picture sleeves; some had a customized company sleeve. The second sleeve may have been used for records distributed by NDS; the cardboard one without credits would seem to date from 1976.  The earliest pressings had matrix numbers in an 'ES EP 300' series, suggesting that Eroica Recording Services of Altrincham may have been responsible for them.  Later issues have 'AST EP' followed by the catalogue number, in an equally chunky lettering, reminiscent of that used by Deroy; AST was short for 'Astron Productions'.  Some records have Pye-style matrix numbers.  Many, perhaps all, of the recordings were made at Calrec Studios, Hebden Bridge.  According to the current guide to Bradford, Northern Dance Services is still in operation today (2006), but it doesn't seem to be still issuing records; Thanks to Robert Lyons for the info. Distributed By NDS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70s Arther Hay Rose Marie NDS AH 121
76 Alan Scott  Blame It On The Bossa Nova NDS AS 611
77 Alan Scot Every Street'S A Coronation Street NDS AS 612
70 Bill Rayner Four Oh My Papa NDS BBD 990
70s Bob Hartley Yellow Rose Of Texas NDS BH 111
70s Bob Hartley Bells Of St Mary'S NDS BH 112
70s Velvet Brass Happy Trimpeter NDS BK 241
70s Velvet Brass Too Close For Comfort NDS BK 242
70s Velvet Brass Red Rose For A Blue Lady NDS BK 243
70 Bill Rayner Party Dances (Double Disc) NDS BRD 990
75 Bill White Charade. Bill White Plays The Hits Of Stage And Screen NDS BW 701
75 Bill White Saunters NDS BW 702
78 Bill White My September Love NDS BW 703
72 Dennis Hayward You Only Live Twice NDS DH 481
78 Dennis Hayward Stranger In Paradise NDS DH 482
70s Not Traced NDS DM 601
70s The Dalesman Telstar NDS DM 602
73 Ernest Wilson  Walt Disney And Other Favourite Film Music NDS EW 901
76 Ernest Wilson Slow Foxtrots NDS EW 902
76 Ernest Wilson  Ernest Wilson On A Classical Theme NDS EW 903
76 Ernest Wilson  I Went To Your Wedding NDS EW 904
76 Frank Chalmers Don'T Dilly Dally NDS FC 211
71 Gordon Truelove Tears NDS GT 621
71 Gordon Truelove  Edelweiss And Other Favourite Waltzes NDS GT 622
72 Gordon Truelove True Love NDS GT 623
71 Velvet Brass The Best Of Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass NDS HA 251
72 Not Traced NDS HA 252
72 Velvet Brass Lollipops And Roses NDS HA 253
72 Harry English  Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Day'S Of Summer NDS HE 751
72 Harry English  Around The World NDS HE 752
72 Harry English  Rambling Rose NDS HE 753
72 Harry English  French Foreigh Legion NDS HE 754
73 Harry English  Three Coins In A Fountain NDS HE 755
73 Harry English  Quicksteps NDS HE 756
70 John Bentley Happy Heard NDS JB 101
70 John Bentley Country Guitar NDS JB 102
70 John Bentley Slow Foxtrots/Cha Chas NDS JB 103
72 Harry Engelman Isle Of Capri NDS LLP 33 1
72 Bill Rayner Four Guilty NDS LLP 33 2
72 Bill Rayner Four Oh Mein Papa NDS LLP 33 3
73 Harry Engelman On The Missisippi NDS LLP 33 4
73 Bill White Roses Of Picardy NDS LLP 33 5
73 Ernest Wilson Chopin'S Nocturne NDS LLP 33 6
73 Bill White There'S No Business Like Show Business NDS LLP 33 7
73 Harry Engelman Pride Of Erin Waltz NDS LLP 33 8
73 Bill Rayner Four Robin'S Return NDS LLP 33 9
73 Harry Engelman Veleta Veleta NDS LLP 33 10
73 Bill Rayner  Oh! What A Lovely War NDS LLP 33 11
73 Bill White That'S Enterainment NDS LLP 33 12
73 Bill Conway Merry Widow NDS LLP 33 13
73 Bill Rayner Four Hasta Luego NDS LLP 33 14
73 Bill White Don'T Sit Under The Apple Tree NDS LLP 33 15
73 Bill Conway It Came Upon A Midnight Clear NDS LLP 33 16
73 Graham Taylor Four  Why Not Now NDS LLP 33 17
73 Bill Rayner Four Can'T Help Falling In Love NDS LLP 33 18
73 Bill White With A Smile And A Song NDS LLP 33 19
73 Mark Lane & Sapphires Tavern In The Town NDS LLP 33 20
74 Not Traced NDS LLP 33 21
74 Mark Lane & Sapphires Sing Something Simple NDS LLP 33 22
74 Bill Rayner  When You Played The Organ NDS LLP 33 23
74 Bill White Good Old Bad Old Days NDS LLP 33 24
74 Graham Taylor Four  Amapola NDS LLP 33 25
74 Bill Rayner  Bill Rayner Plays Paper Doll And Other Hits Of The 40s NDS LLP 33 26
74 Bill White  Rose Marie NDS LLP 33 27
74 Bill Rayner Four Charleston NDS LLP 33 28
75 Graham Taylor Four  La Cumparsita NDS LLP 33 29
75 Bill Rayner Four Bill Rayner Plays Jim Reeves NDS LLP 33 30
75 Bill White  Hello Dolly NDS LLP 33 31
75 Bill Rayner Four Roses Are Red My Love NDS LLP 33 32
76 Frank Chalmers Gay Gordons NDS LLP 33 33
76 Ernest Wilson Let'S Have Another One NDS LLP 33 34
76 Graham Taylor Four  Time To Tango NDS LLP 33 35
76 Graham Taylor Four  An Affair To Remember NDS LLP 33 36
76 Michael Conradd Cocktails For Two NDS MC 521
76 Michael Conradd Pianissimo NDS MC 522
76 Michael Conradd Spanish Eyes NDS MC 523
70 Mike Dean Welcome To My World NDS MD 851
70 Mike Dean He'Ll Have To Go NDS MD 852
71 Mike Dean I Won'T Forget You NDS MD 853
73 Harry English  Toscelli'S Serenade NDS MS 131
76 Frank Chalmers Mississippi Dip NDS MS 132
76 Frank Chalmers Beer Barrel Polka NDS MS 133
78 Nick King The Honky Tonk Piano Player NDS NK 461
70 Paul Ffrench World Cup Two Step NDS PF 401
70 Paul Ffrench Yellow Submarine NDS PF 402
70 Paul Ffrench All Kind Of Everything NDS PF 403
71 Paul Ffrench Exodus NDS PF 404
71 Paul Ffrench I'Ll Never Find Another You NDS PF 405
72 Paul Ffrench Born Free NDS PF 406
72 Paul Ffrench Amanda NDS PF 407
72 Paul Ffrench Long Haired Lover From Liverpool NDS PF 408
74 Other Four Maggie May NDS POP 181
74 Graham Taylor Four  Tie A Yellow Ribbon NDS POP 182
74 Graham Taylor Four  You Won'T Find Another Fool Like Me NDS POP 183
74 Graham Taylor Four  Dance In The Old Fashioned Way NDS POP 184
74 Graham Taylor Four  Together NDS POP 185
74 Graham Taylor Four  Brasilia NDS POP 186
74 Graham Taylor Four  Last Farewell NDS POP 187
71 Ramblers Old Time Waltzes NDS RS 511
71 Ramblers Will Ye No Come Back Again NDS RS 512
71 Ramblers Londonderry Air NDS RS 513
70 Mark Lane  Sing-A-Long Vol 1 NDS SG 151
70 Mark Lane  Sing-A-Long Vol 2 NDS SG 152
71 Mark Lane  Sing-A-Long Vol 3 NDS SG 153
71 Mark Lane & Sapphires Irish And Scottish Singalong NDS SG 154
73 Mark Lane & Sapphires Singalong Sequence NDS SG 155
70 Silver Saxophones There Goes My Everything NDS SS 451
70 Trevor Sanford Charleston NDS TS 221
71 Trevor Sanford Four Leaf Clover NDS TS 222
71 Trevor Sanford Galloping Major NDS TS 223
72 Trevor Sanford Crest Of A Wave NDS TS 224
72 Trevor Sanford Put On Your Ta-Ta Girlie NDS TS 225



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