Independent London label: NB Records specializing in the Avant Garde side of the New Wave.  NB took its name from the initials of Nag and Bendle, two members of the Experimental group 'Door & The Windows'.  During the period 1979-80 it issued approximately ten records, in an NB-0 numbering series, including four by the aforementioned Door. Early labels, at least, were white and were completely blank, track details being on stickers which were attached to either side. Distributed By NB Records. (NB Records 11 Ferrestone Road Hornsey London N8 7 BX)  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Door & Window Door & Window First [ Ep ] NB NB 1
79 Door & Window Permanent Transcience (Album) NB NB 2
79 Door & Window He Feels Like Doris NB NB 3
80 49 Americans The Hit Album NB NB 4
80 Door & Window Detailed Twang (Album) NB NB 5
80 Not Traced NB NB 6
80 Perry Mark You Cry Your Tears NB NB 7
80 Not Traced NB NB 8
80 The Door And The Window Music And Movement (Album) NB NB 9
80 Payola Money For Hype NB NB 10

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