Independent label: Nazareth Records was one of several record companies who began to put out records by successful - and sometimes unsuccessful! - groups on customized labels: Queen, The Buzzcocks, The Stranglers and 999 were just four of the bands which were honoured in that way.  Because the designs were kept for one particular group. Some groups, however, owned their own labels - the Rolling Stones spring to mind. The Nazareth label would appear to have been one of the latter.  'My White Bicycle', by the band Nazareth, charted in 1975 on Mooncrest, as MOON-47.  Mooncrest appears to have run into some sort of trouble at about the time the single was in the charts; I would guess that as a result of this later pressings had a new catalogue number, NAZ-10, and the label shown.  On the run-off, the old Mooncrest matrix number has had a line scratched through it, and the new 'NAZ 10 A 1' matrix number has been added.  Subsequent records by the band were issued on Mountain, so presumably the Nazareth label was merely a stop-gap, a way of ensuring that copies of the single were available at a time when there was a demand for them. Manufacture was by EMI.  As if to confuse matters, from mid 1977 onwards Mountain gave singles by Nazareth their own NAZ-0 catalogue series. Distributed By Mooncrest Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Nazareth My White Bicycle NAZARETH NAZ 10

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