Independent Reggae label: TS Records was owned by Bert Campbell and handled by Ital Records, of London.  Nationwide issued 7" records from 1975 until at least 1978.  Catalogue numbers were initially in a NAT-0 series, but this changed to NW-000 before NW-004.  The numbers gained a '1', becoming '1000's, before NW-008, but the occasional NW-000 still got out.  Not all the numbers seem to have been used, and some were used for 12" singles. At least three types of label were used: the first had a striped design; the second (from NW-1010) featured a map of the world; the third was plain.  The first two came in several different colours. Distributed By Ital Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Shorty The President Jestering NATIONWIDE NAT 001
76 Wilson Delroy  Prophecy Must Fulfil  NATIONWIDE NW 001
76 Not Traced NATIONWIDE NW 002
76 Augustus Pablo Thriller (Album NATIONWIDE NW 003
76 Davis Ronnie  World Is A Stage  NATIONWIDE NW 004
76 I Roy  Tea Pot  NATIONWIDE NW 005
76 Not Traced NATIONWIDE NW 006
76 Unforgetables  This Is My Story  NATIONWIDE NW 007
76 Brent Dowe  De Pon The Wicked  NATIONWIDE NW 1008
76 Abyssinians  Sweet Feelings  NATIONWIDE NW 009
76 Kelly Pat How Long  NATIONWIDE NW 1010
76 Washington Glen  Tighten Up  NATIONWIDE NW 1011
76 Pablo Augustus  Cut For Cut NATIONWIDE NW 1012
76 Not Traced NATIONWIDE NW 1013
76 Hyatt Leon  Forty Days A Forty Nights  NATIONWIDE NW 1014
77 Not Traced NATIONWIDE NW 1015
77 Trinity  Tribal War  NATIONWIDE NW 1016
77 Not Traced NATIONWIDE NW 1017
77 Campbell Cornell  Let Me Go Girl  NATIONWIDE NW 1018
77 Not Traced NATIONWIDE NW 1019
77 Not Traced NATIONWIDE NW 1020
77 The Italite  A Truth Me Brethren  NATIONWIDE NW 1021
77 Not Traced NATIONWIDE NW 1022
77 Isaacs Gregory  Let'S Dance NATIONWIDE NW 1023
77 Not Traced NATIONWIDE COX 001
77 Jacob Miller  If I Can'T Have You  NATIONWIDE COX 002
77 Delroy Wilson Prophecy Must Fulfil NATIONWIDE SM 001

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