Independent label: Nashville Records was a short-lived Country Music label, and a member of the Philips family.  Nashville was run by Mervyn Conn, and was a sister to his 'Carnaby' label.  It issued a handful of singles and at least three LPs in 1970-71; the second LP was by Peter Skellern's first group, Harlan County.  Singles came in a 6076-000 numerical series, albums in a 6366-000 one; none of them are easy to find nowadays, particularly in a company sleeve.  Manufacturing generally was by Philips, but the texture of the label on the scan suggests an Orlake pressing; the four-fold dinking perforation is very atypical of Philips, too.  In 1971, Nashville was going to be dropped and the artists on it were going to be transferred to the Philips and Vertigo labels.  That transfer seems not to have happened for the most part, though the Malcolm Anthony single resurfaced on the Vertigo label with its old Nashville catalogue number.  Towards the end of 1972 Conn appears to have resurrected the brand, this time as Nashville International; in its new incarnation it was based in London and handled by Pye.  The Harlan County LP was reissued on the new label. Distributed By Phillips Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Erwin Durward Moment Of Glory NASHVILLE 6076 001
70 Harlan County Dr. Handy'S Dandy Candy NASHVILLE 6076 002
70 Laura Love Of The Common People NASHVILLE 6076 003
70 Anthony Malcolm Memories NASHVILLE 6076 004

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