Independent label from Scotland: Nabo Records was based in Oban - Nabo is an anagram of Oban and appears to have made just three records.  They featured traditional Scottish music, and they were aimed at the tourist market.  The Startans' single 'The Dark Island' (SNB-5001) was first out of the blocks, in 1978; an EP by Four Highland Gentlemen, 'Hebridean Sunset', and a three-tracker by Allan McIntosh, 'Allan's Choice', followed it in 1979. Numbering was in the 5000s, singles having an SNB prefix, the EP an EPNB one. Distributed By Nabo Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 The Startans A Fond Memory Of Bonnie Scotland  NABO SNB 5001
79 Four Highland Gentlemen Hebridean Sunset NABO EP NB 5002
79 Allan McIntosh And His Accordion Allan's Choice NABO SNB 5003

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