1978 Records was a DIY label. It managed one single. A Rare and obscure 7" release from this Leeds based band Rouge's, 'Have You Seen Gene' (SRTS/78/CUS-104).  Unsurprisingly, it came out in 1978.  Manufacture was by custom-recording firm SRT.  The band had previously been 'conventional long-haired pub rockers' but had embraced Punk Rock when it came along.  The A-Side is an ode to the late great Gene Vincent. Late 1978 they changed their name to  "2TV" and went onto record a session for the late John Peel. In July 1980, it was announced that their debut single would be re-released under the bands new name but it was never pressed. The Band Lineup was Steve Speight - Vocals & Guitar Chris Speight - Bass Steve Barras - Guitar & Vocals Steve Gale - Drums. Distributed By 1978 Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Rouge   Have You Seen Gene 1978 SRTS/78/CUS-104

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