Independent American label: Myrrh Records was established by Billy Ray Hearn in 1972, as a division of the Christian record company Word.  It specialised in Contemporary Christian music until its demise in 2000.  As far as Britain is concerned, it seems to have been comparatively low-key compared to its US incarnation.  It was predominantly an album company; the only British 7" release on Myrrh in the 1970s, was Garth Hewitt's, 'That's Why We're Here' (WOO-1; 3/79).  The album label was quite pretty; the single one is distinctly dull - perhaps the Devil has all the best labels, as well as the best tunes.  Distribution was by EMI, marketing by Word. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Hewitt Garth That´S Why We´Re Here MYRRH WOO 1

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