Independent label: My Records was a small independent company based in Shoe Lane, London EC4.  My Records seems to have been responsible for just the one release, a feel-good Pop ballad by Daphne called 'The World Is Moving On' b/w 'Just Another Flirt', (MY-12; 8/79), which came out on Virgin in Holland and Portugal.  Its catalogue number suggests that there might have been others but there's no sign of them, so perhaps the '12' had some other significance to whoever chose it.  According to the sleeve 'The World Is Moving On' was more than eight years in the making; the man behind it was Adrian Munsey, who went on to have several records out on Virgin.  Distribution of the record was by Pinnacle, manufacture by Orlake.  Another single, Georgie Fame's, 'Hurricane', was issued on a My Records label in 1982, through PRT, with a catalogue number of MY-001, but there doesn't seem to have been any connection between the two concerns - the design was different, as were the personnel involved.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Daphne  The World Is Moving On MY MY 12

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