Independent label: MWS Records was a Scottish label; the initials stood for Music World Scotland.  Presumably bigger North of the border than South, it issued at least eight LPs, including three by Gaberlunzie, in the period 1975 to 77.  It doesn't seem to have been quite as active on the singles front.  Manufacturing was by initially by Lyntone and later by Decca; distribution latterly was by Selecta. The first two releases were re-released via Selecta at that time.  For a time MWS handled the Canadian 'Badger' label.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Gaberlunzie Misty Mountain Lady MWS MWS 001
76 Goodwright Peter When Christmas Comes To The Zoo MWS MWS 002
76 Airborne Il Silencio MWS MWS 003
76 Steamboat Row Freedom Of Scotland MWS MWS 004

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