Independent label: MWM Records The label is owned by Mawson & Wareham (Music) Ltd. from Newcastle Upon Tyne.  It started issuing records on its MWM label in or around 1972, and is still doing so today.  Most of its products have been LPs, and latterly CDs, but it managed at least three single 'Jimmy McKellar', by comedy duo The Krankies (MWM S-1; 1977).  And Silent Night by Renato ( MEMO 1; 1982). MWM has always concentrated on local artists and music.  It had a subsidiary, 'Rubber', which managed to come up with a hit single in 1975 in the shape of Mike Harding's 'Rochdale Cowboy'.  The label was handled by Transatlantic for much of the 1970s. MWM Records Former Address: 14 Cobblestone Court Hoults Estate Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1AB. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Krankies Jimmy Mckellar MWM MWM S 1
82 Renato  Silent Night MWM MEMO 1
75 Rocky Wearside Song MWM APS 101

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